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OneCore Apps

Software for the loan companies, financial lessors and leasing providers based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

OneCore Loans App

Loan management software

  • flexible payment calendar

  • interest and annuit loan model

  • daily interest, aliqout calculation

  • change of interest, principal and contract period 

  • early termination


OneCore Rental App

Rental management software

  • rent items and packages management

  • evidence of the contracts and damages

  • short term rents set up per hours or days

  • long term rents per monthly rate

  • delivery protocol and item utilization


OneCore Financial Leasing App

Hire purchase management software

  • financial leasing calculation for cars, engines and electronics

  • direct connection to the asset card

  • evidence of leasing contracts

  • flexible payment calendar

  • set up of redemption price


OneCore Funding App

Fund & deposit management software

  • set up of loan frames and interest rates

  • evidence of loan tranches, your loans from the bank

  • evidence of funding accounts

  • payments and withdrawal tracking

  • vendor database


OneCore Car Rental App

Car Rental management software 

  • short-term and long-term rents

  • planning and utilization of bookings

  • history of rented items

  • evidence of the contracts

  • delivery protocols


OneCore Installment Sale App

"Buy now, pay later" software

  • for the provider of BNPL for retailers

  • coverage of all installment sale workflow

  • customizable payment calendar

  • tracking of daily transactions

  • daily interest, aliquot calculation 

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